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Multipoint locking - Automatically

Image: MULTISAFE 853 - Multipoint locking automatically - Steel hook bolts Type 3
- the synonym for protection and comfort

Close the door and two hook bolts simultaneously swing out and lock in place. A multiple locking system which can not be forgotten. This mechanism also helps to prevent any warping of the door.
The automatic trigger is located below the bolt and can be used in conjunction with standard or one-piece strike plates
Picto Automatic lock
Automatic locking by closing the door.
Using the main bolt with the cylinder key guarantee that all locking mechanism are activated. In the same time the operation of the interior lever is blocked.
Image: Close the door and two hook bolts simultaneously swing into action and lock in
place securing the door at multiple locking points – a force to be reckoned with.      Image: The hook bolts extend automatical